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The Canon (Grouped by Collection Name)

What is the Canon?

Wikipedia says that traditionally, the canon of Sherlock Holmes consists of the 56 short stories and four novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this context, the term “canon” is an attempt to distinguish between Doyle's original works and subsequent works by other authors using the same characters.

This is a listing of all 56 short stories and four novels in the Canon. It also includes, as a separate item, the preface to “His Last Bow.” The second column shows the three character abbreviation for each collection or the four character abbreviation for the novel or story. These abbreviations are often used to refer to the stories and novels in scholarly writing about the Canon.

This list first shows the novels, and then the collections. The stories in each collection are listed in alphabetical order by their abbreviations. Listings in alphabetical order by story or novel title and the order in which the stores and novels were written are also available.


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