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Some Possible Areas of Focus for Discussions of the Canon

Each possibility assumes that we are examining the four novels and 56 short stories in published order. We would also go through each story, looking at the elements of the plot, as we always do. In addition, we would focus on one or more of the following things.

Focus on the development of Holmes over the course of the stories. Look at any advancement of skills and examine any new interests. How does Holmes advance the science of detection in each case?

Focus on the development of Watson, as a companion (including an assessment of his value in each story), as a writer, and regarding his association with women.

Focus on the criminals in each case.

Focus on the clients in each case.

Focus on the historical elements in each case.

Focus on the women in each case.

Focus on manners and mores that surface in each case.

Focus on the role of the official police.

Focus on the physical movement in each case, identifying where each event takes place.

We could also follow the example of the Norwegian Explorers. Each month a series of questions (10-15) would be developed for the selected story. The discussion would revolve around answering the questions. This would involve asking someone (or maybe a team) to develop the questions for that month. The questions would be distributed by e-mail and the discussion would be led by the developer(s) of the questions.

We could also combine a number of the foci listed above.

We could also have an ongoing focus and then occasionally use the questions method for selected stories of interest.

I am sure that there are other possibilities that we could discuss. This list is just the beginning.

(This was prepared by Terry Kroeten.)

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