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The Omaha Sherlockian Society normally meets on the second Saturday of each month. Meetings are from 10:00 AM until noon, although members and visitors typically arrive a bit early to chat. Depending on the topics being discussed, a meeting may end a bit before noon.

Meeting Structure

A typical meeting will begin with reports of any events of interest to the members, such as conferences, new books, websites, and new movies or television shows. Attention then turns to the discussion (or sometimes dissection) of a short story or novel, either from the Canon or a pastiche. The discussion is usually led by a member. The meetings close with reminders of coming activities, and of the item to be discussed at the next meeting.

Although recent meetings were virtual (using Zoom video conferencing software), the next meeting will be held in person. The topic for each meeting is normally sent as a reminder to members in e-mail on the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

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