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The Omaha Sherlockian Society

OSS lapel pin Welcome This page is the start of your path to information about the Omaha Sherlockian Society, a group of individuals with significant interest in the collection of novels and short stories about Sherlock Holmes and his activities. Although fictional, Mr. Holmes lives on in the minds – and pens (or word processors) of many.

About Us The Omaha Sherlockian Society was originally organized by Carl Wirth in October 2010. The group became a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars on October 24, 2016. It meets on the second Saturday of each month. Meetings usually begin with notes of recent events of interest to Sherlockians, and then proceed to a discussion of either a story from the Canon, or a pastiche. The stories from the Canon are currently covered in the order in which it is expected they were written. As you might expect, during the pandemic our meetings have been almost exclusively remote using Zoom to provide video and audio of the members. But we still manage to meet every month.

Meeting Structure

Meetings usually begin with a summary of events related to the group that occurred since the previous meeting, or will occur in the future. Various new items of interest to the group (publications, movies, and so forth) might be mentioned. Sometimes there will be business to discuss, such as the planning for the annual dinner or celebration of Sherlock's birthday. But the primary activity at each meeting is the discussion of a story, either by Doyle or a pastiche penned by some other author(s). The current plan is for the discussion to be led by one or more members, and to focus on a particular aspect of the story. The current plan is to discuss the Canon in the order of first publication, with possible breaks to consider pastiches of particular importance. A number of areas of focus can be found here.

The Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on December 9, 2023 in the large meeting room on the lower floor of the W. Clarke Swanson Branch of the Omaha Public Library, at 9101 West Dodge Road in Omaha. The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM, and is scheduled for about two hours.

The plan for the meeting is to discuss The Adventure of the Yellow Face.

Notes to Members and Visitors

  • All the pages in this site are (or should be) read-only at the current time. If you find an error, or wish to have some additional information included on the site, feel free to e-mail the site administrator (
  • Members will eventually be given logins (usernames and passwords) and the ability to add and edit pages in their own namespaces. There will also be some pages that will function as a blog, so items of current interest to everyone can be posted there. But many of the non-personal pages will remain read-only.
  • Visitors are able to read everything on the site, but no on-line registrations are permitted. Send e-mail to the site administrator if you wish to become a member.

Contacting The Society

You can use this page to contact us. If you just have a question about the group, or membership, or anything Sherlock-related we'd love to hear from you. Response time to contact messages is not guaranteed, however!

Becoming A Member

If you think you might enjoy being a member of the society, you can send e-mail to the site administrator (, or use the contact_us page.

A Few Pictures

Here are a few pictures that may be of interest.

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